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Have You Ever Wondered?...

What goes on up there on the other side of the Moon?

This Isn't Just any Chocolate...

(It's a Little Different)

We’re talking 117 calories, 2 grams of sugar, 5 grams net fat, gluten-free and vegan (there are no dairy cows on the moon, duh).

An Important Message from the Desk of the Moon Magic Astronauts:


Have you ever wondered what exactly happens up there on the moon? Trust us, it’s more than you think.

While the entire world was dazzled by the scenes of the great moon landing of 1969, we were monitoring an incredible situation unfolding. Upon returning home, rumor has it that the Apollo spaceflight mistakenly left something behind on the moon…

Sugary chocolate.

Believe it or not, the chocolate tumbled all the way to the other side of the moon—the side home to the MooMas. Mystical and full of cuteness, the ever-curious MooMas decided to inspect the chocolate from Earth. Of course, they took a bite.

But something didn’t taste right. It was full of the bad stuff. The MooMas knew this was a recipe for disaster. So they took matters into their own hands.

That’s when the Moon Magic Chocolate Factory was born.

For light-years, the MooMas hustled to create a chocolate with all of the good and none of the bad. We’re talking no huge amounts of sugar, no dairy from animal friends, and more sustainable ingredients. Through hard work and a little magic, the MooMas created a range of whimsical delights — creamy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate bars super low in calories and super delicious.

Lucky for us astronauts, we’ve been in contact with the MooMas about their Moon Magic chocolate. With their blessing, we’ve brought this special chocolate to earth for all humankind to enjoy.

Let's just say it’s one small step for Moon Magic, one giant leap for chocolate.