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Let's Get Affiliated

Moon Magic has landed and the MooMas need your help in spreading the magic. The Moon Magic affiliate program is your way to earn commission by sharing content about our mouth-watering, out-of-this-world chocolate with your community (pretty sweet, right?) So, want to join the Moon Magic mission? Here’s how:

So, how does this work?

​​Moon Magic affiliates earn commission on all sales that are referred to our site, from a custom code and link you can use on your website or social media platforms.

Who our affiliates are

Are you human? Excellent. Have an established social media community or audience? Perfect. Do you like creating content focused on health and delicious recipes? If the answer is yes, then prepare for liftoff with us. As one of our brand affiliates, you’ll spread the Moon Magic goodness, one click at a time.

Our perks

- Free Moon Magic chocolate!
- Competitive commission
- Early access to new flavors and launches
- Exclusive incentives (including very cool Moon Magic merch)

Ready to create magic with us?

Think you have what it takes to join the world of Moon Magic? Apply here